Sports Admin Plus grew out of seeing a need at Sporting Clubs for a dedicated resource to assist with the day to day running of their club.
I was the Operations Manager for an AFL Junior Football League and saw how much the clubs struggled with getting their required tasks done in the right time frames by time-poor and often inexperienced volunteers.
I want to see the volunteers devote more of their time to managing the game while I manage the club.

My email address is and my website is


One of the issues seen at Clubs, whether sporting or otherwise, is they are short of money. Another is often a lack of engagement between members. You really only get to know the families in your team, or class, or group.

Clubs Plus App helps solve those problems.

For as little as $199, a Club registers on

They promote to the business members of their group that they should register. The Businesses pay a $100/year fee of which $50 goes straight to the Club.  That’s it. Clubs start receiving money for no real work. Businesses pay a small fee for advertising and the reach could be endless.

Community members of the Club or Group sign up for free. All they need to do is start looking through the app and start supporting their Business Members.

All members can browse the listings in the app and find the services and trades that they need. Adding reviews will assist other members to support the businesses.

It’s a fantastic way to:

  1. Support Local
  2. Support Your Members
  3. Support Your Club

It puts businesses right in your hand that you may never know existed. And by engaging with these businesses, you are engaging with others in your Community.


The website can be used on a PC or on a tablet or phone. Once you’ve created your registration, and you access the website on your phone you are asked if you would like to save it to your home-screen. Once you load it, you will not have to look up the URL again!! Just save the app to your home screen and click on it when you want to look up a service!


One of the main objectives with this app was ensuring it was user friendly. I hate when you can’t navigate easily through an app or website. Who has time? And it’s frustrating. is clean, and functional and the messaging is clear. Community and Business Members should have no trouble finding each other.

And having the app accessible on your phone with a little logo, makes it easy to find.


While the object of the app is to have Community Members support the Business Members of the Club, there is no reason why other businesses you know can’t sign up as well. As long as they select YOUR club in the dropdown box when they sign up, the money will go to you.

The Club can choose to openly court businesses or hope that word of mouth will work. But the more people that register either as a Community Member or a Business Member, the more chance there is of businesses signing up and earning more money.

Minimal Work. Money coming in. Easy.

It may not be enough to replace another form of advertising for the first season, but once people get on to it, and sign up every year, that will be money that can assist with the Club’s budgeting.

There will be new functionalities added as soon as they are ready. They will be communicated as soon as possible. And suggestions are welcome. While I have lots of ideas in my head, more are always appreciated. It’s about making sure the Clubs can improve their processes.


Currently there are only a few businesses signed up. But it’s early days!! The more Clubs that sign up, the more reach there can be. Currently with those few, they may be seen by a few thousand members of the registered Clubs. That could increase the foot traffic, or web traffic, significantly.


If this is something you think would appeal to your Club, either register via the above links or get in touch via one of the contact methods listed.

Sign up can be done on the same day you make the request, and the links can be sent to your business members. That is something I’m prepared to do on your behalf as long as those businesses are happy to be contacted by me.

Any Club that signs during the month of July will pay only $99 for the set up of the club. That is half price. Once paid, the Club will go live on the platform and members and businesses will be able to make the selection and the Club can start their fundraising.

Reports will be sent to the club showing the uptake from the businesses and the community members and funds will be deposited into your account quarterly. Businesses can sign up at any stage of the year and are not limited to your season.

Looking forward to working with you into the future.